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Sản phẩm đá Vicostone Gan Eden nổi bật với các mảng vân mô phỏng những đám mây trong trẻo nhẹ nhàng, được sắp xếp ngẫu nhiên nhưng lại tạo thành bức tranh tổng thể đồng nhất, kích hoạt trí tưởng tượng người xem

Silver White BQ400

The product line features a bright white color spreading throughout the entire slab to create an exclusive touch in your interior.



SLAB DIMENSIONS (available):
Regular size 120”x56”
Jumbo size 130”x65”

THICKNESS (available):
30mm (1 1/4”)
20mm (3/4”)


Performance Advantages


Composed from up to 93 percent of natural Quartz, VICOSTONE is resistant to scratch, heat, impact and the corrosive chemical agents such as: acids, common cleaning solvents. That makes VICOSTONE superior to granite and other natural stones.


Certified by NSF for food safety (ANSI 51) and certified by GreenGuard as being safe for indoor air quality of commercial and residential facilities as well as for children and schools, VICOSTONE is made to be applied in interior design, especially for kitchen applications.


VICOSTONE is stain resistant, that means you can easily clean VICOSTONE surfaces by using just a mild soap with warm water. While granite and marble will need to be resealed periodically, VICOSTONE sustains its superior features and keep your kitchen clean and safe to use.

Avantages de performance


Composé d'environ 90% de quartz naturel, VICOSTONE résiste aux rayures, à la chaleur, aux chocs et aux agents chimiques corrosifs tels que les acides et les solvants de nettoyage courants, rendant VICOSTONE supérieur au granit et autres pierres naturelles.


Certifié par NSF pour la sécurité alimentaire (ANSI 51) et certifié par GREENGUARD comme étant sûr pour la qualité de l'air intérieur des installations commerciales et résidentielles ainsi que pour les enfants et les écoles. VICOSTONE est conçu pour l'aménagement intérieur, y compris pour les comptoirs de cuisine.


Contrairement à la plupart des pierres naturelles qui doivent être scellées ou réparées périodiquement, les produits VICOSTONE sont faciles à entretenir. Votre Vicostone n'a pas besoin d'être scellé et de l'eau savonneuse souffit pour son entretien quotidien. De plus, votre VICOSTONE gardera sa beauté au fil des ans.